One of the big things they try to ascertain about someone considering overseas church work is how flexible you are. Are you able to adapt to changing circumstances? Are you able to regroup, think on your feet, and problem-solve in light of shifting realities? It’s not something everyone is gifted at, but it’s important when considering moving to another country where things are done differently.

Tonight we got to test whether or not we’re as flexible as we think we are.

We arrived at the airport in Omaha for our return flight to Phoenix at the end of a fantastic 12-day tour of the midwest. We checked our bags, got our boarding passes, and headed to the gate. Just after we all got through TSA screening, I received a text telling me our flight was cancelled.


I checked the flight boards in the terminal and they didn’t say anything about being cancelled. But eventually, they did. After a call to the airline to try and reroute failed (customer service reps on the phone or online are unable to modify your travel plans once your bags are checked – you have to go back and talk to someone in person in the airport) we headed back down to the ticketing area.

The line was pretty long, but manageable. When it was finally our turn the ticketing agent attempted to get us on a flight Wednesday night. Two flights, actually – three of us could go on one flight and two of us on another. But even as she was explaining how it would work to us, someone else snagged those seats. Eventually, she was able to get us scheduled for another flight on Thursday night.

So, we got our luggage back and quickly were able to line up a place to stay and transportation for the next two days. Hopefully there won’t be another cancellation Thursday! Although it’s inconvenient and we were all looking forward to getting home, it’s one of those things that happen and, thankfully, God provides us what we need.

Flexible, yes. Tired, also yes! But also very, very grateful!

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