A Quiet Day

Introverts tasked with meeting people and sharing about our lives present and future need quiet time in between to recharge. It’s not that we don’t enjoy time with others and meeting new people. In fact, ironically, we love it. But it exacts an emotional and even physical price that we try to take into account. Knowing that tomorrow is going to be a very busy day full of people, we’re grateful for a quiet day today. Time for me to finish up work on my sermon for this evening and tomorrow morning.

Gena and the kids headed down to the public library in Norfolk, a beautiful renovated and expanded library with far better wi-fi access than our hotel rooms.

In the evening we attended worship at Grace Lutheran Church in Norfolk, where my friend Chris has been Associate Pastor since we graduated seminary (he’s the one robed in white and yellow standing and holding a baby in the photo on their home page. The photo is a few years old). We enjoyed the service, which included a baptism. I preached, nobody threw tomatoes, and all went well. We appreciated a calm day, while also excited about what tomorrow will bring!

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