A lot of how we were prepared to build a network of partners focused on meeting with large groups of people – congregations. I’m sure from one angle this makes a lot of sense. If you talk with a lot of people at one time it’s a more efficient use of your time and there’s a better possibility that one or more of them will want to become a partner through prayer, encouragement, sharing the story with others, or giving financially.

But especially for introverts like us, sharing one-on-one is not only a lot easier, it happens a lot more frequently!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to lunch with Dorothy, a long-time family friend of Gena’s parents with a lot of experience with the LCMS and international work. It was a great opportunity for her to meet us and hear about what we’re moving towards, and for us to benefit from her wisdom and experience. I’m pretty sure we learned a lot more than she did. We have a lot to learn still – like always making sure we have prayer cards on hand to give to people we talk with!

So remember we’re happy to talk with individuals and small groups – not just with congregations and big groups of people. The Holy Spirit is capable of working in all situations and in unexpected ways. We’re very grateful for this comfort as we continue to meet people and share our story as we move towards deployment.

We’re also grateful that the kids’ renewed passports arrived, and are hoping the adult renewals arrive soon as well. Progress – woohoo!

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