Fun With E-Mail

So we completed our first newsletter and were all ready to mail it out today. Then we discovered that the mail program recommended to us didn’t allow you to attach documents to your e-mails! Aaack! We reached out to someone with more experience with us in this area and she directed us to another mail application, but now we have to figure out how to use that program before mailing out our first official newsletter.

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully I’ll have it figured out in the next day or two, in between packing boxes and helping to sell off 90% of our worldly possessions! What a crazy time, but how exciting when we lift up our eyes to see where we’re headed rather than where we are at the moment!

We’d ask you prayers as tomorrow we’re taking our two beloved dogs to a Christian Camp where they’ll spend the weekend, kind of a trial run to see if this could be a new home for them. If all goes well, our dogs will stay there and we won’t see them again. If things go badly they’ll come back to us with the very real possibility that we’ll have to return them to a shelter. On the plus side the shelters here don’t kill animals. On the down side, they know what shelters are and it would be very hard for us to return them there. But, we have to trust that if God the Holy Spirit is calling our family to this new venture, He’s more than capable of providing the right home for our dogs in the later years of their life (they’re both eight years old). Please pray the camp is a good fit, that our dogs integrate well with the various other animals on the property, and this could be a wonderful new home for them.

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