First Visits

We’ve been blessed to make three congregational visits this month as we finalize our time in California and prepare to pack and move away. Two in-person visits and one online presentation to congregations we are somewhat familiar with, and that I’m friends with the pastors of.

We’ve never been worried about the visitation and presentation process. My wife and I have presented and taught in any number of different capacities over the years and are not too intimidated by being in front of strangers. We’re further blessed to know that all of this really isn’t in our power, dependent on us. Rather, we simply share the opportunity for partnership and trust the Holy Spirit will tap people to respond. It’s a huge relief, frankly, to know that He is doing the work. And He really is!

All of the congregations we’ve visited with so far have expressed the intent to sponsor us as a congregation in addition to individual gifts and pledges. As we relocate to Arizona I trust there will be opportunities to be a blessing by filling in at various congregations around the state, bringing them the gifts of God in Word and Sacrament as well as sharing what the Holy Spirit is preparing our family for. It’s exciting – and humbling – to see Him at work. Despite not having been to the mission field yet and having the pictures and stories that really excite people! The Holy Spirit can motivate people without these things, thankfully, and we look forward to being able to share them in the future when we come back to visit our partners!

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