Making New Friends

We know, of course, that we aren’t doing this alone. We can’t. This will only work with partners. Friends. People behind us and alongside us and ahead of us. These friends and partners will be of value in so many different ways, just as different parts of a body should.

Having hosted close to 70 students from around the world in our home over the last eight years, staying with us for anywhere from a couple of weeks to six months, we know hospitality is one of the gifts the Holy Spirit has equipped our family with, and it’s wonderful to meet others with that same gift, like Wayne & Zola. They fed us a delicious supper and provided us with a very comfortable room in their home to stay in overnight so we could visit new friends in Iowa. We got to talk about farming – something about as foreign to us as Indonesia – and share different bits and pieces of our lives. This morning they fed us breakfast and then took us to meet our friends.

We were also blessed twice with the driving services of Ed, who lives in Omaha but drove us 90 minutes to Wayne & Zola’s Friday night before turning around (after supper!) and driving back to Omaha. Truly a blessing! Such a blessing, in fact, that he drove back up from Omaha this afternoon in order to take us back to the airport in Omaha to catch our flight to St. Louis for orientation next week.

We look forward to meeting more and more of our friends and partners as the years go on. We’ll try to let you know whereabouts we’re headed in case we’re able to meet up somehow!

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